Kitesurf spots of Nicaragua – Caribbean coast

Corn Island

On the east side of the island, there is a 2km long beach. This kitesurf spot is good for advanced riders. There is a shore break, with big waves, so it is not  for beginners.

There is a bar and restaurant on long beach.

kitesurf in corn island wind statistics

Little Corn island

kite little corn

Kite spot in little corn island

Pearl Cays – Cayos Perlas

The Pearl Cays are 15 islands : They belong to the 12 indigenous communities of the pearl lagoon bassin.


It is a beautiful place for eco tourism, snorkel. It is allowed to camp in wild lane key,

El Bluff beach – Bluefields

This spot is the most easy to access from bluefields.

Then you have to cross the lagoon with a public boat. There is a long and empty beach.

Then water is shallow. it is good for beginners and for waves riding.

el bluff spot

Pearl Lagoon – Laguna de Perlas

Pearl lagoon is a small fisherman village. You acced by road from El Rama, or by boat from Bluefields (1 hour) . The lagoon is shallow, it is a good spot for strong wind.


Brown bank and kahkabila

Brown bank is a small creole community located on the beach of the Pearl Lagoon. There is a small lodge, for eco tourism and adventure. You can visit the jungle with local guide, Bernie and family. There is also a reggae bar on the beach. 5 km south, there is the  Kahkabila, an indian miskito village.

kite 3
Pearl Lagoon

Sandy bay – miskito village and cays

Sandy bay is a miskito village located along a sandy beach in the caribbean coast of Nicaragua.


Sandy Bay Sirpi es una de las mas grandes y populosas comunidades en la municipalidad de AwalTara Luhpia Nani Tasbaya, conocida comúnmente como La Desembocadura de Rio Grande – R.A.A.S

spots of Nicaragua – Pacific coast

The main spot for kitesurfing in the pacific side is the great lake of Nicaragua, Lago Cocibolca.

It is also possible to kite in the pacific beaches, like Popoyo, with off shore wind.

Ometepe Island

On Ometepe island it is windy from November to June, with an average of 15 to 25 knots.

There is a kite school in ometepe, sun kite school, check if it is still open.

La virgen , near San Juan del Sur, in the coast of lake Nicaragua

El Menco

Wind Farm – Rivas

Ometepe island

wind statistics for kitesurfing in Ometepe

Laguna de xiloa