Kitesurf spots of Nicaragua – Caribbean coast

Corn Island

On the east side of the island, there is a 2km long beach. This kitesurf spot is good for advanced riders. There is a shore break, with big waves, so it is not  for beginners.

There is a bar and restaurant on long beach.


kitesurf in corn island wind statistics


Pearl Cays – Cayos Perlas

The Pearl Cays are 15 islands : They belong to the 12 indigenous communities of the pearl lagoon bassin.


It is a beautiful place for eco tourism, snorkel. It is allowed to camp in wild lane key,


El Bluff beach – Bluefields

This spot is the most easy to access from bluefields.

Then you have to cross the lagoon with a public boat. There is a long and empty beach.

Then water is shallow. it is good for beginners and for waves riding.

el bluff spot


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Pearl Lagoon – Laguna de Perlas

Pearl lagoon is a small fisherman village. You acced by road from El Rama, or by boat from Bluefields (1 hour) . The lagoon is shallow, it is a good spot for strong wind.



Brown bank and kahkabila

Brown bank is a small creole community located on the beach of the Pearl Lagoon. There is a small lodge, for eco tourism and adventure. You can visit the jungle with local guide, Bernie and family. There is also a reggae bar on the beach. 5 km south, there is the  Kahkabila, an indian miskito village.

kite 3
Pearl Lagoon


Sandy bay – miskito village and cays

Sandy bay is a miskito village located along a sandy beach in the caribbean coast of Nicaragua.



Sandy Bay Sirpi es una de las mas grandes y populosas comunidades en la municipalidad de AwalTara Luhpia Nani Tasbaya, conocida comúnmente como La Desembocadura de Rio Grande – R.A.A.S

spots of Nicaragua – Pacific coast

El Menco

Wind Farm – Rivas


Ometepe island

wind statistics for kitesurfing in Ometepe