Kitesurf Corn Island

The kite school is open and is located on Big Corn Island, carribean coast of Nicaragua.

We also rent kitesurf gear on little corn island for advanced riders.

New for 2023; Wingfoil. We offer foil and wingsurfing lessons and we also rent foil boards for advanced riders.

Kitesurf lessons and rental WhatsApp +505 8848 8580

Wing foil Nicaragua

The Stand up paddle shop is open, you can rent Sup boards and snorkels and we also offers guided tours around the island.

kitesurf corn island
Kite spot big corn island
Kitesurfing spot on corn island

We also offers wakeboard, foil, fishing and snorkel tours with our boat at Frumunda Travel.

The kitesurf shack is located on North end beach on big corn island. There is a restaurant and accomodations on the kite spot at Lulu beach rooms rentals . Double room from 35 to 60$ per night.

Long bay beach, corn island

Welcome to Nicaragua

Nicaragua offers nice spots for kitesurfing, such as corn islands, the caribbean coast, el bluff beach, lake Nicaragua and Ometepe island.

Windstatistics for kitesurfing in the corn islands and caribbean sea of Nicaragua

The windy season starts in November and finishes around the end of July. There is usually less wind during april and may.

The best months are from December until the end of March and then the middle of June until the end of July.

Wind forecast march 2023

The wind usually starts coming from the North in November, and then changes to NorthEast in December and sometimes is East/SouthEast.

The average wind speed is between 13kns and 23kns, the max is usually around 34kns.

The air temperature is between 28C and 32C and the water temperature is 27C. We are in the tropics and so have a dry season and a rainy season.

Wind forecast – Corn island and the caribbean sea

Windfinder Corn island

Kitesurf school – Lessons and rentals 

If you are a good rider, you can rent kitesurf gear in big and little corn island  

Kitesurf and Stand Up Paddle rental :  +505 88 48 85 80

We also offer Stand Up Paddle in big Corn Island, it’s the ideal way to explore the coral reef, taking along a mask and snorkel.

We have two wingsurf wings, to learn wingsurf with a stand up paddle board. 

Kitesurf spots on Big Corn Island

The corn  island has two main spots for the practice of kitesurfing. when the wind blows from the north, the north end beach is well exposed. We have our shack on this beach, in front of Lulu’s rental. 

When the wind comes from the east, the beach at long bay is perfect, it is very large and there are no obstacles.

we have 5m, 6m, 8m 9m, 12 and 15.5m kites
Kite spot on big corn island

For advanced riders, we rent kitesurf gear on little corn island. There are several hotels and bungalows on the beach.

Kitesurfing Little corn island
Kite spot on little corn island

The kite surfing school on Corn Island is a popular destination for adrenaline seekers and water sports enthusiasts. Located on the eastern coast of Nicaragua, Corn Island is known for its warm waters, consistent trade winds, and beautiful scenery, making it an ideal location for kite surfing.

The kite surfing school offers a variety of courses for individuals of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced

kitesurf spot El Bluff
El Bluff beach
el bluff spot.jpg
kitesurf spot nicaragua
Uncrowded kite spot
Kitesurf corn island
pearl cays nicaragua
pearl cays nicaragua


whatsapp : +505 88488580

kitesurf and Stand Up Paddle rental

North End beach – Lulu rental – Corn Island – Nicaragua

kitesurf and wingsurf corn island
bluff beach

Bluff beach kitesurf spot

kite spot
kitespot Big Corn Island