Travel guide

How to travel from Managua to Corn Islands 

  1. By Plane with la Costeña airlines.  Every day 2 flights Managua – Bluefields – Corn islands .  Round trip 165$ ,  and 60$ for a stop over Bluefields. Managua – Bluefields 132 $ round trip.
  2. By road and by boat

Take the express bus from Managua to Bluefields at the mayoreo market. The trip is 6 hours long, via Nueva Guinea. the bus stop twice for food and bathroom. It cost 10$. Bluefields has a variety of hotels, you can have a confortable room for 10$ at doña rosa hostal, hotel Quinto o Doña vero hostal in the center of the city.

Bus schedule from Managua to Bluefields

Salida:   6 am   ,   8 am     ,  10 am, 12 am,  2:30 pm ,  5 pm, 7 pm,  9 pm, 11 pm

Bluefields to Managua: municipal warf

Salida:  5:30 am , 6:30 am, 10 am, 12 am, 2 pm, 4 pm, 7 pm , 9 pm, 11 pm

Boat schedule from Bluefields to Corn Island

Wednesday and saturday:  9 am

Actually two boat are travelling from bluefields to the corn islands, the ferry Hilario Sanchez and a small passenger boat Rio escondido. The trip is 6 hours long and coast 9 $.

The boat leave at the municipal warf in Bluefields on wednesday and saturday at 9 am.

Boat schedule Corn Island to Bluefields : Thursday and sunday at 9 am. 

I recommend to travel with the ferry, he’s bigger, have seat and air condition, and if you bring a matress you can sleep on the second floor.


How to travel to little Corn Island ? 

There is a public boat » Panga ride» who travel every day at 10 am and 4 pm.

the ride is 30 minutes and cost 6 dolars.

Public boat from Bluefields to El Bluff beach. 

If you want to enjoy the beach when you are in the city of Bluefields, take a public boat at the market. the panga ride take 20 minutes and cost less than 2 dolars. El Bluff is a small fisherman village, with a long beach with restaurants and bars.

bluff beach
playa El Bluff

Travel to the corn islands from Costa Rica

Cross the boarder at Los Chiles, go to San Carlos Nicaragua and travel to Nueva Guinea. There is a new road that go direct to Bluefields. The distance is 240 kilometers.

travel to corn island
road from costa rica border to Bluefields, in the caribbean coast of Nicaragua

Now it is easy to travel from Costa Rica to the caribbean coast of Nicaragua and to discover the corn islands. From the kitesurf spot of Lake Arenal, the distance is 376 kilometers to Bluefields and the kite spots of the caribbean coast of Nicaragua.

lake arenal to bluefields

If you want to go kitesurfing in corn islands, then you can take the boat or the plane.