Lessons and rental

Learn to kitesurf in Nicaragua

There are two Kite schools in Nicaragua, one in Ometepe and one in Little Corn island.

kite little corn    kitesurf in little corn island at kite little corn school

sun kite school               kiteboarding on Ometepe – Nicaragua

Both schools are actually closed and open on december 2019

Rentals : kite and surf boards

We offer kitesurf gear rental in Bluefields and Pearl Lagoon

Boards: twin tips and surf board            20$ per day

Full equipment. Kite and board, twintip and surf board.  65$ per day


We also have trainer kites for beginners who want to learn to fly a kite on the beach


We offer tours in a traditional sail boat. We sail in the Bay of Bluefields and go fishing in the mangroves. We have lunch at Bluff beach

Full day:  40 $ for one person.     60$ for two people



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We offer kitesurfing on the beaches of Bluefields, Big Corn Island and Pearl Lagoon






If you want to discover empty spot, we offer tours to remote places like Pearl cays, indian miskito villages of kahkabila and sandy bay, and downwind crossing the pearl lagoon.