kite safari

We offer kitesurf tours to discover wild spots of the caribbean coast of Nicaragua.

If you want to be the first kitesurfer in the spot, travel with us

7 days kitesurf tour in the caribbean coast of Nicaragua 

Day 1: Travel from Managua airport to Bluefields.

By plane 1 hour , by road 6 hours (300 km)

Afternoon: Kitesurf at El Bluff beach . The spot can have good waves for surf .

Night in an hotel in the city of Bluefields

el bluff spot

Day 2: Travel to the Pearl Lagoon 

we take a public fast boat and travel to the fisherman village of Laguna de Perlas ( 1 hour, 50 km).

THere are 2 spots accessible by road. Awas, an indigenous village, good with north wind. Or Haulover, a creole village, with a beach oriented for east wind.

Night in an hotel of Pearl Lagoon



Day 3: Brown bank and Puerto rico beach

Brown bank is a small creole community located on a beach of the pearl laggon. we go there with a boat. we kite in the lagoon in shallow water. e can visit the jungle and watch birds and monkeys.

we sleep in wood bungalows. There is also a reggae bar on the beach


Day 4: Discover the Pearl Cays

The we take a private boat, with captain Carlos Babylon and navigate to the pearl cays (1 hour)

The Pearl keys are a group of 15 small island in the caribbean sea. They belong to the indigenous communities of the pearl lagoon bassin. It is a perfect place for snorkeling and enjoying beautiful beaches.

cayos perlas 2

we spend the night in a virgin island  (wild lane cay) and sleep in a camping tent or hammock. we can also sleep in wood cabin in the house of miss asserin in another island.

Day 5 : wkitesurf around the pearl cays

kitesurfing in the pearl cays . we eat fresh fish, crab, lobster, and can also do snorkelling in the corral reef. we can also explore for some surfing waves .

kitesurf nicaragua
kitesurf in the pearl cays Nicaragua

Day 6: Go back to Pearl Lagoon

we spend the day in the Pearl cays

at 3 pm, we go back to the village of Pearl Lagoon

Night in a Hotel

Day 7: Travel back to Bluefields and Managua

we take the boat to Bluefields. we have lunch in a restaurant of the city

Option 1 . Go to Managua, by plane or road.

Option 2. Travel to the corn islands, with the ferry boat ( 6 hours) or by plane ( 20 minutes)

If you have more time, we can explore the miskito cays of sandy bay. we can stay on Tiara cay, a private island with a house.

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9 days kitesurf tour

Kitesurf Pearl cays 4 days

kitesurf safari 10 days