Corn Islands

Kitesurfinf the corn islands 

Corn Island lies 70 km off the caribbean coast of Nicaragua. You can travel to the island by boat or by plane.

Wind statistics.

The windy season start on november and finish on august. Best month are december, january and july.

wind statistics

Kitesurf spots in the Corn islands

Big Corn Island : Long Beach, sally pichi.

The beach in front of big fish café is a good place to land your kite.

big corn
corn island
long beach , kitesurf spot in corn island

A good travel guide to the corn islands in this link

Little Corn Island

Kite beach and kittle little corn

Little Corn is approx 3km2, has no roads or cars and is very popular amongst scuba divers and fishermen. To find out more about Little Corn part of the Corn Islands in Nicaragua, a great website is

The kitesurf spot has several hotels/cabanas nearby but really the island is so small that it is easy for kitesurfers to come from all parts with no hassle.


wind statistics – kitesurf in little corn island

kitesurf in corn island wind statistics

The windy season starts in November and finishes around the end of July. There is usually less wind during April, May and middle of June.

The best months are from the middle of December until the end of March and then the middle of June until the end of July.

The wind usually starts coming from the North in November, and then changes to NorthEast in December and sometimes is East/SouthEast.

The average wind speed is between 13kns and 23kns, the max is usually around 34kns.

The air temperature is between 28C and 32C and the water temperature is 27C.

We are in the tropics and so have a dry season and a rainy season.